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Effective, rapid-acting, lasting, simple, economical, non-toxic, environmentally friendly.
Horses, dogs, cats, cattle etc
Stop itching
Even in extreme cases.
No mess



Product information

Collaboration with our customers has helped us develop our products into some of the best and most effective on the market.

Today we can claim that it is very rare that we encounter horses or dogs where PROB wouldn’t work on them.

More than 90% can really be helped. PROB can also be used on cats, rodents, small pigs, sheep etc., with equally good results.

It makes no difference how badly affected your animal is; the majority of animals already considered by vets as being fit only for the slaughterhouse or for destruction have nearly always recovered following treatment with PROB.

PROB provides speedy results. Some animals respond positively to the first treatment, but marked improvement can normally be seen within one week.


Sweet itch, moist eczema and latent problems cannot be cured, but can be kept under control simply and at a reasonable cost so that the animal feels better.

The majority of horses normally manage completely without eczema treatment.

Also works for other forms of eczema, fetter bone problems, greasy heel, fungus, insects and scabies etc.
Dogs’ pads normally heal over a few days. Animals treated with PROB usually lose their ticks and other insect related problems.

A shampoo treatment normally keeps ticks and insects away for approximately 3-4 days, after which the effects may be enhanced by applying PROB DEO Dog.

PROB DEO will make your animals feel calm and protected when grazing in fields during the summer or even when out in the forest.

PROB has been judged by our customers as the best and most effective product on the market.

PROB is simple to use, contains no fat or sticky agents.
PROB does not cause burn injuries during the summer when it is hot.

PROB is also good for healthy animals. PROB Shampoo is an excellent allround shampoo. The animal’s coat will be clean and shiny and easy to comb out after you have washed it. PROB does not dry out either the skin or coat and is excellent to use on sensitive animals. Light-coated dogs and horses also achieve a lighter coat following washing; the coats of coloured and black dogs will receive a fine lustre. Contains no bleaching agents.

PROB is a clean and pleasant product to use.
PROB Oil may be used for many different types of problem. Sores will only take a few days to heal.
PROB products are not medicines.
PROB products are non-toxic, natural products, which can be used by everybody.

PROB Oil: Herbs, roots, olive oils, wood tars, alcohol.
PROB Shampoo: Herbs, roots, olive oils, wood tars, tensides.
PROB DEO Horse: Essential oils, herbs, wood tars, emulsifying agents.
PROB DEO Dog: Essential oils, herbs, olive oils, wood tars, emulsifying agents.
Herbal mix: Sage, nutmeg, dewcup, St. John's wort, camomile, stinging nettle, pot marigold, juniper.
PROB products are very economical.


Instructions for use:

Animals that itch feel bad, both physically and psychologically. It makes life extremely difficult having to live with constant itching. Follow the simple treatment plan carefully.

The success of the treatment is very much up to you. Find out from the start of the treatment how these products work. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. PROB products are simple and easy to use; and the best thing is, they work quickly and without all the mess. PROB products are not medicines.

1. Begin by washing the coat with PROB Shampoo; wet the coat and start to shampoo. Wash away all the old skin deposits and any remains of other preparations before you start the treatment. In that way you’ll get quicker and better results. PROB Shampoo will remove all of the old skin deposits and make the skin healthier. In the beginning, the animal may have a little dandruff, large pieces of skin which cannot be rinsed away may in fact fall off; this is a good sign. When the animal’s coat has dried, use a brush to remove all of the dry skin.
What you have left is a fantastic shiny coat. You may also notice that your animal will often feel a lot better directly after being washed.

PROB Shampoo is liquid, economical and easy to apply to the coat. Leave the soap suds on the coat for up to 20-30 minutes. Wash the coat with PROB Shampoo, preferably once a week - but a minimum of twice a month. The shampoo has a therapeutic effect on the whole body. PROB can also be used against insects. People with scalp problems can often benefit just by using PROB Shampoo.

PROB-Shampoo has become very popular among kennel owners and stables that look after healthy animals. The animals become clean and healthy after a wash, their coats becoming very elegant; you’ll be able to see how well the animals feel. PROB is kind to the skin, does not dry out the skin or the coat.

2. Use PROB Oil when the coat is dry. The oil is extremely light and easy to apply to the bottom of the coat, tails, pads and manes etc. Best and quickest results are achieved by treating the skin morning and evening for 2-3 days. Thereafter continue with once daily treatment until the itching resolves and the animal looks healthy. Then treat the animal on alternate days – it may be sufficient with treatment every third day. Be sensitive to the animal’s response to treatment.

If it is sunny and hot you can treat the animal more often; if cloudy and cold, less often. Let the animal guide you as to how often to treat it.
Note! If the effects wear off, it is always time to shampoo.

If you use a horse blanket you can carefully attempt discontinuing it. If the itch returns continue with the blanket and try to discontinue it again after a week, and so on. The majority of horses normally manage completely without horse blankets. You need not be afraid of sores. Sores often heal after just a few days.

In the case of mould, fungus, scabies etc, treat daily, preferably twice daily at the onset of treatment. Preferably, wash the animal once per week.

If the animal has leg scabies, use PROB Shampoo and treat the parts affected with PROB Oil, in the beginning, once a day until the scabies starts to disappear. Scabies is infectious. All horses in the barn should be treated, even those that are healthy. Irrespective of whether you get rid of all the symptoms you should continue the treatment for up to two weeks so that all of the eggs have hatched and have disappeared. Scabies is difficult to remove completely.

The infection may be in the stables and it may also be difficult to decontaminate.
If you se PROB Shampoo regularly you may be able to reduce the risk of new infections appearing. Your animals will also have a fantastic coat as well as feel a lot better.

When using PROB Oil, avoid getting into the eyes and mucous membranes; the oil contains alcohol.
Wash the animal once a week if it has fox scabies. For quickest results, use PROB Oil where the scabies are at their worst.
If there are for example fox with scabies in the area, you can often avoid it spreading by shampooing your animals once a week for preventive purposes.

Animals with scabies should be relocated every 10 days. Keep in mind that the animal is a host for the pest. If you change the animal’s environment you will avoid getting into a vicious circle of treatment – re-infection, and will reach a more rapid solution. Without a host the scabies will die by itself within about 10 days.

In case of sweet itch also referred to as Queensland itch (summer eczema) best results are achieved by starting treatment before the problem has actually started to develop, preferably early in the spring.

Often, itching can be stopped or considerably reduced if the animal feels good throughout the whole of the summer. It is always easier to prevent a problem than to remove sores, scurf and itching. If you begin treatment early enough it is likely that you will not need to use a horse blanket.

The animal will always feel better without a cover as the wind can blow through the coat. If you begin promptly enough, the animal will not get into the habit of scratching.

When the symptoms disappear, don’t forget that you have an animal with eczema. If you get sloppy about treatments the itching will return, leaving you with the arduous task of removing it once again.
Always busy yourself looking after the animal and you will be rewarded with a calm and healthy animal.
An animal with eczema should be washed regularly.
More than 90% have been helped.
Horses with eczema can even be washed with PROB Shampooonce a week and are usually as good as free of symptoms throughout the whole summer.

These products very seldom cause any irritation.
If you can see that an animal is suffering from increased irritation, finish treatment and contact your retail distributor.
You can use PROB products on all livestock on your farm.

3. PROB DEO Horse: Dilute with water 1:1, spray once a day using for example a spray bottle. PROB DEO is effective and will make your animal feel safe and calm whilst grazing during the summer months both in open countryside and in the forest.
Avoid the eyes and respiratory passages.

4. PROB DEO Dog. Will make your animal feel safe and calm during the summer months both in open countryside and in the forest. Brush against the fur and spray into the coat every other day over the back and stomach.
If your dog has a long coat, it is important that you spray as close to the skin as possible; concentrate on two or three places on the dog. Body temperature activates the PROB effect. May lead to a little discolouring on white dogs. Wash preferably once a week but at least every other week with PROB Shampoo in order to keep the coat clean and avoid collections in the coat.
PROB Shampoo provides the same effect as PROB DEO within about 3-4 days.

PROB products do not contain any poisons. It can be used externally for most complaints.
No risk of grebe. Waiting period in case of competition is 0 hours.
May also be used on foals, puppies and pregnant animals.
You can gently proceed by trial and error, as there are no harmful effects from external use.
No gloves are required, if you have problems with your hands they are most likely to get better as well.


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